6 Fun, Cool and Unconventional Things to do in the Bahamas

6 Fun, Cool and Unconventional Things to do in the Bahamas

Known for its sprawling sand beaches, this archipelago which is the home to almost 700 or more islands and cays, is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole wide world. And quite justifiably so, given that Bahamas has been the most enchanting part of the Caribbean for ages. Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas is famous for its grand hotels and resorts, exotic food, excellent water sports facilities and cinematic landscape. In fact, cinematic is perhaps a tender word for it given that the beautiful beaches, the sparkling waves and the soothing atmosphere is nothing short of a breathtaking package.

The Bahamas has always been an easy to access spot and hence remained popular for years as an easy travelling destination for people all over the world. It is also the same reasons why so many movies (including the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean) has been shot here. There is also no dearth of places to put up in while you are off holidaying in the Bahamas. Bahamas rental properties, mostly found along its famous beaches are available at flexible rates throughout the year, and so are many plush and luxurious hotels and resorts across the most popular destinations. The food here is absolutely delectable and so are the cocktails, which are a steady mix of heady and enchanting. All in all, if you are looking for a perfect beach destination to visit during the next couple of months, Bahamas is your ultimate choice.

However, the place is overcrowded during the holiday season. If you want to do cool and unusual things that will separate you from the rest of the crowd, you can take our advice and explore the following places and activities.

1. Meet and Greet with the Dolphins

When most of the crowd is off enjoying a leisurely time in the beach, you can have your up close and personal encounter with the most intelligent animal of the marine life in the marine habitat knows as Dolphin Encounters. The dolphins here are extremely friendly with all their visitors and will even show you their tricks like blowing kisses and jump on waters in all its glory as well as pose for photos. If you want a different experience while you are in the Bahamas, make sure you never miss this place, especially if you are on a family holiday with your kids.

2. Indulge in your Fair Share of Water Sports

Though not exactly an unconventional thing to do, but it is definitely one of the coolest activities you can indulge in while you are in the Bahamas. There are convenient as well as flexible packages that are available for visitors and you can be trained by water sports professional before you have an adrenaline pumping experience surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving.

3. Try the Different Types of Exotic Food

The gastronomical experience you will be having in the Bahamas is going to be nothing short than exhilarating. From the delectable conch salad to the crunchy conch frittatas, from the creamy rum cakes to the serenading rum-based cocktails, when you are in the Bahamas you must totally submit to your cravings and enjoy the amazing range of seafood and cocktails that are available here. It surely will be one of the most memorably unconventional experiences of your life, given the exotic food platter that you will be offered.

4. Visit the Pirates of the Nassau Interactive Museum

Remember the very rugged and delightful Johnny Depp in the brilliant Pirates of the Caribbean? That film has been completely influenced by true antics of the original pirates who set up base here in the late 17th century to early 18th century (known as the golden age of piracy. Though they have ceased to exist in the area as of now, several artifacts of that era along with the belongings of those erstwhile pirates can be found in the pirates of the Nassau Interactive Museum. It is surely one of the rarest pirate museums in the world and you should visit it if you are looking forward to having a truly unconventional as well as cool experience while in the Bahamas.

5. Spot the Marching Flamingos in the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Center

One of those places where you can rave about the exotic flora and fauna native to the Bahamas, the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Center is also home to the flamboyant flamingos which are the national bird of the Bahamas. These rare birds are even given a special slot for a performance known as the Marching Flamingos regularly. If you are an out and out nature lover, you should definitely be up and about visiting and exploring the place, as it boasts of not only the flamingos but a number of exquisite plants and animals which are found in the Caribbean.

6. Have a close look at the Marine Life while visiting the Andros Great Barrier Reef

Being the third largest barrier reef in the world, the Andros Great Barrier Reef is home to a variety of marine organisms. From eels to sharks, from a wide variety of colorful fish to exotic turtles, if you are in anyway invested in the marine life, this is a place you should never miss while you are out on a trip to the Bahamas. Because this place will be one of the coolest places you have ever visited.

Though the Bahamas comes with its traditional sights and scenes, it is also a fun and cool place to be. Make sure you indulge in the above-said activities if you truly want to have an experience in the Bahamas which is different from others.

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