Top 8 Interesting things to do in Punta Mita

Top 8 Interesting things to do in Punta Mita:

Punta Mita, a small peninsula famed for fishing, luxury resorts, seaside views and offers visitors a rich space to Explore. Most of the backpackers who visit this place always enthralled by its beautiful locations and unique seaside views. One day you can spend a fancy life on the beach by sunbathing, another day you can explore different places, and you can even relax in luxurious Punta Mita properties! Plus, there are seemingly exciting places to visit in Punta Mita.

Though Punta mita is known as a small fishing village, the luxurious resorts over there may cost a bit higher than usual places. Punta Mita is a peninsula on the Banderas Bay in Mexico’s Pacific coast. The real beauty of Punta mita is explored only when you check out the upscale homes, stunning golf courses, and private beaches.

Now, as you want to explore the punta mita and want to feel the real experience. You have to check out these top 8 interesting things to do in Punta mita. In this exciting list you will find out all the special activities you should do to make your trip memorable in Punta Mita.

8 Interesting things to do in Punta Mita:


  1. Enjoy the best experience of Boating:Whenever you visit any beachside town or seaside island, we always strive to explore the middle part of the sea just by boating. If you are the one who is excited about sailing means you should be doing that in Punta Mita. This is an exciting thing you have to do in Punta mita.

Whether you want to explore the real beauty of sea, sail, or have a romantic date in the middle of waters, all these activities can be covered in Punta Mita boating. That’s the reason why I have mentioned this at the start. You can find lots of small super pangers and yachts in punta mita along with that you can always find a friendly crew as well.

If you strive to surprise your loved one means you can speak to your resort people to arrange a surprise while you are traveling. Most of the luxurious Punta mita properties have this unique option so you can make use of that.


  1. Snorkeling at Beautiful Marieta Islands:Do love to snorkel? Then you should be doing that in beautiful Marieta islands in punta mita. These islands are small uninhabited islands which lie a few miles off the attractive cost of Nayarit in Mexico. This place is especially 7.9 km southwest of the punta mita village. As you love to visit the Punta mita, you shouldn’t be missing this activity.This is the best place to snorkel and for swimming as well. You can find lots of backpackers over there who enjoy their trip by experiencing the warm waters over the Marieta island. Apart from these, you can see all sorts of sea life in the snorkel activity, so you shouldn’t miss that either.


  1. Have fun with Zip-lining Activity:Interested in trying out Zip lining activity, then you can do that in Punta Mita. Here all you have to do is, book a zip lining activity from your travel manager and he will see the smooth process. Or else you can just go to the Rancho Mi Chaparrita, and you do find the Zip lining Activities over there, and you can just go and enjoy the activity.

     Usually, at this place, you can find out three suspension bridges, and you have to cover the distance of 1.25 miles, and you will be reaching heights of 410 feet above the sea level. Along with these, you can find lots of fun activities while you are experiencing the best activity you never enjoyed. As the weather is always great in punta mita, it is still best for you to take this Zip lining activity.


  1. Experience the Bird’s Eye view of the WildLife in Punta Mita:If you like to explore wildlife means you shouldn’t be exploring punt Mita’s wildlife. This particular place has a diverse ecosystem which allows us to have a glance at most of the wildlife creatures including the rare and migratory birds as well. You can find out these migratory birds in December to march. Along with that, you can even find olive ridley sea turtle, green iguana, brown pelican, blue-footed booby and so on in this impress place.


  1. Scuba diving and whale watching:

Most of the people always love to do scuba diving in best places to have a glance at the beautiful spots and rare fish species. If you are the one who is striving to do scuba diving means punta mita is the perfect spot for you. I’m saying this as a special place because it has a large number of species in its coral reef. You can simply find out a kaleidoscope of sea turtles, rays, tropical fishes, dolphins and more.

To go the best spots you can take help of the local tour guides, or you can swim to the coral reefs which are hovering just off the punt Mita’s shore to watch catching eye visuals and to also find out best spots for diving. Apart from these the other awesome thing you have to explore in this trip is whale watching.

Whale watching always gives us a new experience and most of the love this experience. In fact, I loved it more so; i have included this as an exciting thing to do in Punta Mita tour.


  1. Taste the Delicious & Fresh Local Sea Food:People always love to taste new dishes and foods when they visit different places. Now if you are a foodie who strives to try different kinds of seafood? Then you should be tasting the delicious local seafood in most loved beachside restaurants.You can get all the fresh caught local fish over there, and apart from that, you can see the tasty Asian twist at the place called Aramara. Along with that, you can even try different types of Seafood in Punta Mita’s beachside old restaurants. There you can get Mexican style seafood dishes.You can even find out fresh juices in the Sayulita. It is the nearby village in Punta mita.
  2. Ocean Side Golf Experience:If you are golfer means you will love this ocean side gold because they look stunning and has everything for a golfer. These golf ground are specially designed for golfers to have the best experience with this favorite sport.
    The Bahia golf course has undulating fairways and greens while the other golf courses like Pacifico and all run along the seaside. Here Between the wholes, you can go for the whale-spotting and so on. If your ball doesn’t fall in the hole in the ocean, then one of the best amphibious carts will escort you the green lands.


  1. Enjoy Fishing:Punta mita is having wide varieties of fishing activities through its coral reef. Here you can have access to the world deep sea fishing as well. If you are a real gem of fisher means you can try deep sea fishing. You can even find fishing activities inshore, or you can sail farther out to the marlin where you can find tuna fish. In punta mita you can also find sailfish games, these game will probably begin in June and runs through January.If you want to have a real experience of fishing means ask the beachside restaurant managers to cook your own caught fish. So that you can have more joy of having your hard earned fish.

These are the best and top 8 interesting things to do in Punta mita. I hope I have covered every activity you should explore in your tour to punta mita.


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